Our Mission

Brave Heart Boys Ranch provides professional program and services in a Christ-Based atmosphere to strengthen families and boys in their overall development of becoming productive young men. 

Programs that help

Brave Heart Boys Ranch gives teen boys hope for a successful, independent adult life. Learn how we’re helping shape a better society one child at a time –– and what you can do to find help or support our mission!

Donation Fund

Your gift through a Brave Heart Boys Ranch Fund allows you to support the young people at Boys Ranch through managed charitable gifts of cash, stocks or bonds. 

Our Mission

BraveHeart Boys Ranch is a faith-based non-denominational ministry which offers a caring environment for boys 7-18 years old. BraveHeart is an independent 501c(3)non-profit. Life training for Mind/Body & Soul, centering on the law of love and the golden rule, development of a strong self-esteem and positive attitude. Education will include, Bible classes, Native America History, woodworking, mechanics, computer technology, archery, fishing, gardening, riding horses, basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

Our Campaign

What we are going to do in the future to make this world better

Homeless Helping

Girls to School

Food For Children

Board Members & Volunteers

Brave Heart Boys Ranch is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation organized under the laws of the State of Texas. Members of the Brave Heart Boys Ranch’s Board of Directs volunteer their time, talents, leadership and prayers.
Fred H. Mercer, Jr. BraveHeart President/Founder
Christine Joy Johnston (CJ) Board Member
Beverly Anne Lyday Board Member

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