About Us

BraveHeart Boys Ranch is a faith-based non-denominational ministry which offers a caring environment for boys 7-18 years old. BraveHeart is an independent 501c(3)non-profit. Life training for Mind/Body & Soul, centering on the law of love and the golden rule, development of a strong self-esteem and positive attitude. Education will include, Bible classes, Native America History, woodworking, mechanics, computer technology, archery, fishing, gardening, riding horses, basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

There is long term life living on the self-sustaining ranch which teaches specifics to survival skills which include building of shelter, hunting, preparing and eating their own meals, cultivating and harvesting their own food, feeding and caring of live-stock. Buffalo and wild mustangs roam on BraveHeart. We have a very diversified tribe of caring individuals exemplifying a strong family unit. Come join us at Braveheart Boy’s Ranch, were we are only limited by our visions!

BraveHeart also has a separate living site for transitional situations which require immediate housing assistance.

BraveHeart Board Members

Fred H. Mercer Jr. BraveHeart President/Founder

A Texan since 1977, settling in the small community of Celeste, Texas. Fred worked years in corporate America serving as team builder and motivational speaker. He held a position of head Engineer over a 7- state district for years before setting up his own business, as an entrepreneur of House Healers (Remodeling and Restoration of Property). Fred over the years served as a Big Brother and Boy Scout leader during which time he developed a heart to help young boys without parental guidance. Fred’s
vision is to see young boys be raised up to be Warriors of Men. Men of Integrity, Compassion and most important LOVE. Men who will be not only be productive members of society but exemplary humanitarians, brothers, husbands and fathers.

Christine Joy Johnston (Cj) BraveHeart Board Member

Cj is originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania born in 1969. Relocated as an adult in Royse City, Texas as a single mother to 3 children. Licensed as a Cosmetologist 1987, Med Nurse/Phlebotomist 1994, Licensed Private Investigator/ Business Owner (Johnston, Parker & Associates Inc.), Business Owner of Hairway 2 Heaven in Caddo Mills, Texas. Founder of ministry, Everyday Angels Chasing Cloud 9 as of 2018.

Cj is a survivor of childhood abuse, abandonment, physical, emotional and sexual abuse. As an adult survived rape, domestic violence and divorce. Cj has a testimony which is an amazement display of WWJD in a daily walk in the face of the ugliest this earth sometimes can offer. She has dedicated her life to helping those in need in every aspect of life, in every job, every ministry and every relationship which touches her life. She has served on boards for troubled youth in Delaware City, Delaware 1997-1999. New Beginnings Center (Domestic Violence Advocate/Shelter) Served on the board 2011-2015. Women In Need (Rockwall/Greenville) Domestic Violence Advocate/Shelter, volunteer 2003-present. Common Ground, Board member/ Volunteer (Community Assistance, Caddo Mills, TX) 2017-present, Everyday Angels Chasing Cloud 9 (Community), Member of Royse city and Caddo Mills Chamber of Commerce, 2016-present.

Beverly Anne Lyday BraveHeart Board Member

Lived majority of life in Texas, married with 2 children, 4 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren. Worked in corporate America as administrative assistant, retired from Texas A&M University-Commerce, Texas. 70 Hrs.- MRE, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Louisville, Kentucky. Taught the Word of God and Power of Prayer in various churches. Member of Kingston Baptist Church as church treasurer and serving as member of church council. Daily prayer warrior over church, members and country.
Regular spiritual prayer meetings with Pastor.